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Chris Cashak was the featured photographer at the Tao Las Vegas and Liv Miami takeover at Cake Nightclub during the Big Game Weekend. Special guests included Alessandra Ambrosio, DJ Chuckie, Cedric Gervais, DJ Stevie J and Reggie Bush

Instagram purge validates Chris Cashak as most followed, #1 EDM superstar photographer in the world


The Instagram follower purge on December 18th, 2014 validates Chris Cashak as the most followed, #1 EDM photographer in the world. He has more Instagram verified, real followers than any photographer in this category.

Chris Cashak has more Instagram followers than these  so-called  “photographers” combined:







As of 09:33AM PST 12/18/2014

Chris Cashak’s Response to EDM Trolls Most Popular Story, Outranks Even EDC Las Vegas

EDM America TV’s run of Chris Cashak’s response to the EDM trolls is top news story.  It outranks posts on EDC Las Vegas, Hardwell, EDC Orlando, Umek, Avicii, Madonna and Kaskade.

Update 12/07/2014: EDM America TV’s feature on Chris Cashak continues to be the most popular story getting more views than articles on Tiesto, Ultra Music Festival, Above & Beyond, David Guetta and Gareth Emery.


Chris Cashak Attacks EDM Trolls, Provides Proof Rukes Buys Followers

AttackRecent news stories about Chris Cashak sparked controversy on EDM forums, message boards, social media and among fans. The media coverage resulted in defamatory attacks against him. Chris Cashak’s official response follows:

A group of so-called “EDM photographers” deliberately attempted to “blacklist” me across the industry. The media attention I received for daring to be different at EDM events and festivals scared them to their core. They’re stuck in the old way of thinking that photographers can’t be anything more than a random guy with a camera.

This army of trolls lashed-out with aggressive attacks that included degrading comments about my personal appearance. Many of their words had nothing to do with my work or career. These trolls made posts claiming that I was a hoax, misquoted information and blatantly lied. My website and social media profiles were assaulted and spammed.

The trolls that attacked me have the same mentality of those perverts who take degrading pictures of women at EDM festivals and then gawk over them in sleazy Internet forums.

The ethics of these so-called photographers do not represent the PLUR values we have in our EDM family. I say to every EDM fan that these trolls are the ones who should be blacklisted from our community.

These trolls claimed my Twitter followers were bought and this somehow destroyed my credibility. However, no proof was offered to document the followers were purchased. By using this standard their purported hero, photographer Drew Ressler(Rukes), can be scrutinized. A Twitter case study clearly states that Rukes bought followers at a price of $.30 each. A link to the study is included after this statement.

We can justifiably ask- how many followers did Rukes buy before or after this study? Did he use other services to buy social media followers and likes? reviewed the troll claims against me. They could not find proof I purchased any followers and concluded that I am “the most famous event photographer in the world”.

The case can be made that EDM events, festivals, publications and DJs that work with Rukes but not Chris Cashak are compromised and illegitimate.

I am splitting our EDM family in two parts-

The 1%- Those who stand with Rukes, the trolls and the illegitimate parts of our community.

Everyone else- The true EDM fans who stand with me and the future of our industry.

Pick your side.

–End of Chris Cashak’s response–

Twitter case study:

Archived copies on Wayback Machine: